Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Organic, vegan Raspberries -- "monstrous" plastic pouch hypocricy

Great video clip from recent talk by Bill McDonough demonstrates one way to make the multi-layer plastic laminate pouches symbols of bad design and wasteful packaging.

In just over a minute he demonstrates the hypocrisy of selling healthy food in unhealthy packaging, using the example of organic raspberries in a pouch that can't be recycled, but can only go to an incinerator or landfill, and notes that burning it will not be healthy for humans. He calls it a "monstrous hybrid."

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  1. Hi Bill - Thanks for this info. I was curious and wrote the parent company to ask what was up on this. Here is their reply:

    Hello Peter,
    Thank you for your email and for your interest in our products. Please note
    that the packaging shown in this video has changed. In order to meet very
    tight deadlines for the launch of this product we had to pack these in a
    very thick bag with front and back labels applied on the bags. We used this
    packaging for the first batch of our product and then switched a to a
    preprinted bag, which is much more sustainable. The first bag (show in the
    video) weight 17 grams and the current bag weight is now 9 grams which
    obviously makes a huge difference.
    Our team is very aware of such issue and is always on the hunt to find new
    and more sustainable ways to pack our products. We visit industry trade show
    to look for recyclable materials and always try to improve the
    sustainability of our products, and packaging.
    Healthiest regards,



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