Thursday, March 25, 2010

First U.S. Framework Product Stewardship Law Signed Today

Today, after a show of unanimous bi-partisan support in the Maine legislature, the first extended producer responsibility "framework" legislation, LD 1631, was signed into law by Governor John Baldacci. Not only is this the first framework law in the nation, but the bill passed the legislature unanimously. 

Business, environmental groups and legislators came together to make it happen.  On a national press briefing this morning (organized by Product Policy Institute), the bill’s author, Rep. Melissa Walsh Innes (D-Yarmouth; photo at right), was joined by Chris Jackson of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Matt Prindiville from the Natural Resources Council of Maine (the state’s leading environmental advocacy organization).

To emphasize the national scope of the producer responsibility movement, we were joined by leaders from two states with framework bills in play: Rep. Paul Gardner of Minnesota and Rob D’Arcy, Chair of the California Product Stewardship Council.

Product Policy Institute has been working for five years to bring the framework producer responsibility approach to the U.S.  We developed the model framework producer responsibility legislation that was the starting point for Maine and several other states.

The movement is beginning to take hold.   We’re excited to see it finally bearing fruit in Maine.  It’s especially significant that the business and environmental communities worked together to make it happen.  Read PPI’s press release, and NRCM’s release

To Rep. Walsh Innes, Matt Prindiville and Chris Jackson: You rock!

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